Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager observation and question

I made a yeast starter around noon Saturday. Sunday I had a layer of whatever on the bottom of the flask and the “wort” was starting to clear from the top. I picked it up and stirred it a few times Sunday. Last night (Tuesday), I saw my first signs of fermintation with lots of small bubbles going from the botttom to the top…nothing fast and crazy but it was visable.

This is probably the 5th starter I have made and the slowest activity I have ever had. This is my first use of the 2124 yeast so I am just curious if this yeast is always this slow to get going? The smack pack was not old or out of date but it never inflated after smacking it either (I let it sit for about 4 hours at room temp)…

If it never swelled, that is a sign and likely a reason why it’s slow to start. Maybe it shipped too warm and killed a lot of the yeast. Give it some time, swirl it whenever you walk by, and if it doesn’t take off, I’d toss it. You can use Saflager 34/70, which is supposedly the dry form of 2124, if this one doesn’t work out. I like dry yeast, especially in the warm months because of it’s tolerance of heat over liquid.

Very possible fermentation is done. The bubbles you see when you disturb it is CO2 coming out of solution.

I have not touched it since Sunday. I want to swirl it up again but I have been able to make myself leave it alone so far. As long as it keeps bubbling I am going to let it sit.

Is this the first lager starter you have made??? THey are MUCH slower in my experience - especially without a stir plate. I think a lot of it is just simply the slowness of the lager yeast.

I also made a starter of bohemian lager on sunday - 2 smack packs ( a little old), 2 liters. 36 hours on stirplate. another 3 days just sitting at 60 degrees. cold crashing for the last couple days. using it this morning.

No, this is about my 5th Lager yeast starter and it seeme to be really different. I picked it up this morning and gave it a big swirl and it fizzed as though it was a carbonated soft drink to the point it almost came out of the flask. I was also shocked that you could hear the fizzing as much as I could. After about 10 seconds it calmed down and all of the air bubbles went away.

I have never had a yeast starter do this…but I have never used 2124 either. :?