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Wyeast 1338

The last time I used this yeast was on a session and it had a terrible estery flavor. The ferm was maybe a bit warm say 72 but it was hoppy as hell and the yeast flavor was still dominating. Anyone else had this problem? I have another smackpack that I am thinking about just tossing because I don’t want to risk wrecking another 5 gallons.

I got a similar flavor out of White Labs Burton Ale yeast but not out of any other yeast I have tried. I take it that the flavor comes from too warm of a ferm then?

I always get very clean (for a Belgian yeast) results with it. I do tend to run it in the low-mid 60s.

It’s German right?

It depends which strain your speaking of. I think the OP has WY1338, and Denny is thinking of WY1388

WY1338 Wyeast European Ale
Attenuation: 67% - 71%
Temp Range: 62ºF – 72ºF
Flocculation: High
ABV Tollerance: 10%
A full-bodied strain, finishing very malty with a complex flavor profile. This strain’s characteristics are very desirable in English style brown ales and porters. It produces a dense, rocky head during fermentation, and can be a slow to start and to attenuate. This yeast may continue to produce CO2 for an extended period after packaging or collection.

WY1388 Wyeast Belgian Strong
Attenuation: 74% - 78%
Temp Range: 64ºF – 80ºF
Floculation: Low
ABV Tollerance: 12% - 13%
The classic choice for brewing golden strong ales. This alcohol tolerant strain will produce a complex ester profile balanced nicely with subtle phenolics. Malt flavors and aromas will remain even with a well attenuated dry, tart finish. It may continue to produce CO2 for an extended period after packaging or collection.

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