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Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey isn't giving me any love

I was planning to make the La Petite Orange extract 5 gal kit so I pulled out the Wyeast smack pack to prep it but it’s giving me no love.

The date on the pack was 12 Sep 13 which I assume is September 12, 2013 and as it says on the pack I should use it within 6 months so I was good on the date. Also I have been keeping it in my beer fridge so I’m also good on the storage temps, but it looks like the pack is bad.

I smacked it and sat back to wait for it to expand but after a whole day it appeared to not give much expansion at all. In fact I was so unimpressed with the results that I decided to make a starter with it to ensure that it is in fact still good. There was no action in the starter so I’m wondering if it is in fact bad or if any of you have had a similar experience.

I do not have personal experience with this yeast, but taken from wyeast’s description for it… “It can be slow to start; however, it attenuates well.” Give the starter a few days. If the gravity has not changed and you haven’t seen any anctivity, then you may need fresh yeast.

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