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Wyeast 1056?

Hello has anyone ever had Apparent Attenuation of 85% using wyeast 1056? Now I did mash this beer at 152f

What is your recipe? Adjuncts can really skew attenuation

I get 82-84% attenuation with 1056 pretty consistently. I only use it for PAs and IPAs. I was huge fan of 1272 for a few years then it became harder to get so I went back to 1056 and haven’t really been able to tell a difference. Both are great yeasts.

I’ve noticed attenuation rises a little in second and successive generations but not a lot. I’ve run 1056 for 6-7 generations many times and would go further but something usually happens to make me start over.

Attenuation is pretty much a function of wort composition. Yeast attenutation rating is simply a way of comparing one yeast to another and not necessarily an indication of the attenuation you’ll get. Using the same yeast, I can get from 60-90% attenation depending on wort.

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