WY 3787 going on two weeks krausen

Hi all, I’ve got a patersbier on WY3787, and at two weeks, it still has a nice layer of krausen. Is this normal for this yeast? It’s been stored at about 62 degrees for the duration of this time. I’ve not used this yeast until now, and I’ve never had krausen this late in the fermentation.

Thanks in advance!!

I love this yeast. I use it for most my Belgian beers. It is a true top cropping yeast. Your temp is little low for the yeast. I usually start mine low about 62 first three days and let it rise slowly up to 70 by day ten or so and let it finish out around 72. For a week depending on my final gravity. Total time around three weeks…

I brewed a tripel using this yeast and it takes a while for it to finish. Mine took over two weeks to drop and I started at around 65 and raised it to 72 by the end of the week to help it finish off nice and dry. Went from 1.081 to 1.003.

I have had Belgian strains take 3-4 wks to totally finish out and clean up. Your temp is where I start at. You could safely raise it now to over 70 deg. or more to help it finish out. IME longer is better, and not to rush.

By keeping the temps that low through out you will probably have more flavor of cloves with this yeast. In my opinion you could probably ramp up the temps and let it finish out around 72.

Thanks for the responses…y’all are great!!!

I’ve raised the temp to 72* for the next two weeks…should be ready to bottle then. I’ve never had a “top cropper” yeast before so I was a little alarmed when I saw it behaving differently. You have set my mind at ease, and made my brew better…Thanks!!!