Wy 3725

I’d like to use this while it’s available but would like everyone’s opinion. I am shooting for a fruity, strong golden ale/super saison. I will follow this beer with a true saison with WY3724 and do not want 10 gal of very similar beer. The Fantomes I have had have been varied (green tea, etc) and very good, but no consistent yeast profile springs to mind. My other option is to due a triple a la Westmalle. Any thoughts about how to maximize the fruity esters with this yeast?

I say this because I love them…but nothing Fantome does is consistent. Even bottle to bottle same batch they are different which I why I like what Dany does.

I used WY3725 once and thought it was a neat strain that “works” well. It’s just not one I think you will get the fruity esters you are searching for from. I think you are going to need to get that from other ingredients…kind of like the “Fantome” does. For what its worth I think I remember reading Dany ferments around 81F.