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WY 1214 Lag Time

So Wyeast says 1214 can be “slow to start” but they’re not kidding!

Brewed Sunday, overshot the mash temp by a fair bit (wanted <150, got 153) but got 3-gallons of 1.054 wort, for my Not Quite Patersbier. Pitched at 70, and have maintained 70 since. Yeast was not quite as fresh as it could be, but still solidly in the date range, and since it was a small batch I skipped the starter. So on my side, I could have had more fermentable wort, and either fresher yeast or a starter.

After a couple days of nothing, I was ready to give up and pitch the backup dry yeast, only to finally find the start of a krausen. Wow! So that was like 60 hours from pitch to visible activity.

You still had a few minutes to spare… That becomes the reason I enjoy a starter… I can start 3-5 days ahead of time… you can see it at work and have confidence… albeit 1 gallon batch or 20 gallons… Active yeast IS active… not much for lag time! Sneezles61

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Yea I’m way too busy to do that kind of planning.

And when I say busy, I mean lazy.

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