Just wanted to check to see if anyone was having trouble with getting on this site? I can’t even get an nslookup to work correctly.

I hope everything is ok.

Was working out some details and needed to go to the source…



My internet tubes were broken overnight. They have been patched and the internets are flowing through them once again. You should be able to reach www.taylor-madeak.org without issue now.

It gladdens me that you still use my site, though. :smiley:

Glad to see the site ok.

Yea, I pretty much use everyone’s sites really. I just want to make good Sake, and so I filter and glean what I can :smiley:

I was looking into what it would take to make 5 gallons of Sake. I am really looking into a way in making a cheap press. Figured I could use one of my brew kettles with a cpvc manifold at the bottom and attempt to press the mash using some sort of lid/plate …

I wonder if the drip method would end up being any better…


If your kettle has good solid handles on it (like my keggle), you could probably fabricate a press with some hardwood. Run a hardwood 3x4 or whatever will fit through the handles across the top of the vessel, drill a 3/4 or 1 inch hole through the middle, and use a nut and some threaded rod to press down a wooden plate. All told I bet you could put something together for $50.

Just an idea.

just a shout and thank you for running your site. it has helped me tremendously. !!

You’re welcome. :smiley: