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So I’ve never had a Krups coffee, maybe it’s incredible, I’m not to say. But it seems they are doing the same with beer. My instinct is “how can I hack that to my benefit” because I will eventually run into one being thrown out, curbside, on my NYC walk to work.

Hackable and free are the only way I’d get one of those things!
Maybe it’s just be but mail order beer just sounds wrong. It reminds me of that Pace picante sauce commercial with the cowboys around the camp fire derisively shouting “New York City???” when they see where the new cowboy’s picante sauce is from.

OR, is it comparable to Sams club having their own line of brews… REALLY ? Sneezles61

As a coffee snob I think of a keurig as an abomination and guess what never bought one should have bought stock. Green mountain coffee ended up buying Keurig didn’t buy that stock either. Guess I’m not a good investor. Waiting to see when inbev buys this company

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Interesting…not for me either but interesting that EVERYONE is trying to cash in on the craft beer boom. Krups makes OK coffee machines…I had one of their combo coffee maker/barista machines once…it only worked for a couple years.

It looks very expensive… Buy 10 kits at 59.95 and you could’ve picked up home brewing… They look like a quart for each thingamajig! Sneezles61

I think they are 67oz, so just a bit bigger than a growler.

Alright, you get 4 pints, then X that by your going rate out there and that ="s… I’m going to go broke drinking craft brews that way! The Torp’s are one way I’ll assume… not that that matters… Sneezles61

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