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Wrong connector to wrong line

I mistakenly put the beer out on the gas in and its stuck like the dickens…any advice to get it off? Tips or tricks…thanks in advance


Lift the release like you normally would and pull/rock hard. Then replace post O-ring. No real help, but I can offer words of encouragement: I’ve done it and they do come off, but can be a pain.


You could try getting a pair of pliers (needle nose?) under the connector and prying it up.

I’ve also done it. A strong grip and wiggling it worked to remove them.

Lots of cursing and wiggling usually works.

Thanks all, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to break the connector AND post, got it off after about 30 seconds of pulling with pliers and words i’d rather not repeat in pleasant company. Thanks for the advice, if you are ever in omaha I owe you a beer!

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