Wow I may have my 1st dumpper

Brewed up a blackout brown ale (NB). Bottled it last night. As usual I sipped the FG sample. Umm, not a good flavor. I really don’t know how to explain it except “off”. I’m gonna let it sit a month or two to see if it improves but if it dosent I’m looking at a dump.

I have pic of the gook that was in the fremantle when done but I can’t seem to get this dang iPhone to put it in the post. This was a plain ole American ale wyeast that I have used many times. I have seen a little of what is in here before (looks like dark greenish brown cheese kurds, like 3 inches of it), but never this much. It was hell keeping it out of the bottles (4 did get some and got peecautionarily marked).

Oh well brew on. The cherry wheat ale done with Dennys 50 looks great in primary.


I’m glad your not dumping it right away. I’ve been surprised by strange hydrometer samples leading to fine beers within a month. Give it a chance.

I don’t like the sound of dark greenish brown cheese curds, though. Without pictures, it’s hard to tell if this is normal or not.

I finally figured out how to get a photo from my phone to this forum (if this works :wink: .

This is a photo of the HUGE amount of “gunk” in this batch. It comes out of the bottle this week so we shall see what it turned into.

I’ve seen that before - but when I used S-04 and Irish Moss. Did you do anything like that?

Just looks like the normal hop mater and stuff that settled to the bottom to me.

[quote=“GoldenChild”]Just looks like the normal hop mater and stuff that settled to the bottom to me.[/quote]+1 That’s just yeast flocs.

I will just blame the variability of nature then as I have never had that much (yea a good bit but this is mountains) of that stuff before (same yeast and all). I will se wahat it is like today or tomorrow.

No Irish mose or aything. It is a “Blackout Brown Ale” that I made up out of grain I have (I buy in bulk), with a similar hoppong.


DUMPED! I didnt even open the bottles. I tried one friday. I did not have a good taste at all. Not foul but defintly one of the worst beers I have ever tasted. I thought right then - well, I will put it back and see it time helps it. 3 hours after I went to bed I was Ill as could be. Are they connected. Don’t know. What I do know is that I get the heebee jeebees just thinking about drinking another one so in the trash they went bottles and all. I don’t want any of whatever they had left around. 25$ is a small loss compaired to how I felt.

On to the next :wink:


That’s too bad you dumped it. I would have left it for quite awhile and came back to try it again. There is nothing that can live in beer that will hurt you or make you sick. Provided you don’t drink too many beers…

Logically you are absolutly correct. I shoulda left it and tried again later.


I just was honest with myself and new there was just no way I was gonna go there again. The batch may be totally innocent but is now so tightly tied to the nasty effect of the night that I will never drink one of those agian. So may as well toss and move on. Sometimes the Heart/gut is more powerful than the mind.