So I sit here making a yeast starter and a question popped into my head. :idea:

We can buy hopped malt, unhopped malt, both dry and liquid form. We buy grains for making beer of all sorts and we can buy yeast of all sorts. I was thinking of why no one sells already prepared wort. I know it would take all the fun out of brew day and you would have to settle for whatever hops were used and so on and on… :blah: I would think that there would be a market for such a product and you could still decide what yeast you would want to use.

Just something that kind of hit me at the moment…back to this yeast starter now!

I think the shelf life of already prepared wort would be very short to the order of hours or maybe a couple days but only if handled very carefully.

It is available. IIRC place in Canada sells it. It may be unhopped so you can add your own twist to it.

Ask local breweries. They may be willing to sell some.

Isn’t hopped malt really just prepared wort concentrate?

Sanitation concerns aside, I’d rather add 5 gallons of my own water to wort concentrate than pay whatever it costs to ship 19 pounds of the stuff cross-country.

All good responses… I don’t want to buy any, it was just a thought I had. :cheers:

I recall also a place in Canada that sells it. It is pasteurized and all you do is add yeast. They had several popular clone varieties available.