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Wort chiller

How hard might it be to straighten and redesighn a wort chiller? I have 2 chillers but neither one is set up to cool a 5 gallon batch in a keggle. I like using the keggle when I can as it leaves me plenty of room when I do a 5 gallon batch. I,m on a shoestring bubget so any help would be apprecieated
… :cheers: Tank

Are they too wide? I went from a wide 8 gal. pot to a narrower keg. I didn’t straighten it, just gently formed it into a smaller diameter.

I have the opposite problem. I need to make it wider and lower to more effectively chill my 5 gallon batches and at the same time keep enough line out to get outside the keggle

You should have no problem doing this. Just go slow and easy and you’ll be fine.

Got er done… don’t look pro but it,l work…Tank :cheers:

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