Worried about fermentation temp

So still fairly new to brewing. Brewed my 4th batch (chocolate milk stout) Sunday and within the NB recipe it said “Movethefermentertoawarm,dark,quietspotuntil fermentation begins.”

So it’s been in my Georgia summer basement.
Tonight I felt uneasy and googled. Found it should stay below 75 which it certainly isn’t down there.

Moved to a first floor bath tub filled with cool water.
Have I lost the batch?

I’m frustrated they said warm place.

You might have caught it in time before to many byproducts (esters and fusel alcohol) created by too warm fermentation were created. You did the right thing by cooling it down.
Got to cut the instructions a break. If they would say a cool spot people would put them in their 34° fridge. They are written for people to make beer. Not the best beer possible, but that’s why we’re here!

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Know how your feel got same issue here. But a ice bath 24 hours a day. Might safe your brew

Here are a couple of forum threads from a couple years back that might be of interest.

In the case of summer and warm fermentation I also struggle. Only have a crawl space and it’s nasty. Usually I suggest following the kit instructions to the letter but It might be a good idea to check the yeast manufacturers web site and see what they say is the optimum temp range for that strain.

Search “swamp cooler” here for a cool (pun intended) idea to keep your beer a little cooler for not much money.

Don’t worry too much about your batch. It may have some off flavors but it will still be good beer.

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so basically my bathtub full of cool water and wet towel is a “swamp cooler” i guess i need to keep checking temp and adding frozen water bottles. i had not added frozen bottles. the water is cool to the touch though.

Adding an electric fan to accelerate evaporation may not be the best when using a bathtub because of safety issues, but will work when using a tub or tray of water. This setup will reduce a 1.064 OG wort by 8°F at an ambient temperature of 68°F. Addition of a small amount of ice can take care of your temp problems where the ambient temp is higher.