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WLP820 will drive you insane!

The White Labs description of this yeast is so true… It is an incredibly slow starter! Enough to make one crazy for the first few days after pitching. Makes good beer if you make it through the stress of thinking you pitched a huge starter of dead yeast.

It is a crap yeast. I recommend to any and all brewers NOT to EVER use it.

How about WLP809? I pitched 2 vials in a 5 gallon batch of imperial lager nearly 48 hours ago! The yeast was caked to the bottom of the vial and I had to use a sterilized screw driver to rouse it out!! WTF!!

CORRECTION: I meant WLP802 not 809

I always make a starter to make sure my yeast is good. It is just good insurance.

And two vials in a 5 gallon imperial lager is crazy under pitching.

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