Anyone use wlp800? I’ve always used WY lager yeasts but LHBS didn’t have 2001 when I wanted to brew pilsner so I decided to try this one.

I’m 15 days from pitch. I kept it at 52 for 6-7 days then let it rise for a d rest because that’s how I’ve always treated WY2001. I popped the lid off the bucket today intending to rack it to a keg but there’s a heavy wet active looking krauesen on it and it reads 1.020ish gravity. Beer looks cloudy and busy. Doesn’t taste terrible. Doesn’t smell great… I usually get some sulfur from 2001 but early on and it finishes and cleans up by now…

Never have used wlp800. But that certainly doesn’t look ready to rack!

My krausens will look like that when I massively over pitch a yeast.

Looks to not be done… watch it a little bit longer… Seems to have alot of trub on top, lots of hops in the brew? Sneezles61

That’s some muddy yeast you have there…

I’m reminded of Cousin Eddie’s advice [Christmas Vacation] about when his dog grabs a hold of your leg.

…Best to just let him finish if Y’know what I mean, ha ha…

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It is crazy looking isn’t it? Bit of an overpitch…very healthy starter. Pilsner so no, not that much hops.

It started right up within hours. I was really surprised to find that when I popped the lid. Somewhat high gravity surprises me after 2 weeks as well. Don’t see myself falling in love with this yeast. I like my more predictable WY2001.

Literally, LOL

This stuff just won’t finish up…if the SG was lower I’d suspect it was infected or something…won’t be saving this slurry for use again…way to slow and unpredictable for my taste.

I sometimes read how others like this or that yeast… I am thinking more of staying in my comfort zone. I will try some brew that another person brewed with a different yeast, just to see and ask how well they thought it performed. I like simple, as I git older… Sneezles61

I hear ya man. Same. This was an expirement prompted by poor planning, urgency to brew, only available yeast. It looked quite promising in the starter…I just ordered my favorite WY2001 off amazon. If all goes well I should brew 10 gals of Pils next Wed. I’m not getting good vibes from the bucket this one’s in…

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A very quick precursory search indicates that this is common for that yeast. It’s funny, both White Labs and Wyeast make strains that seem to be hit and miss, even when they are reportedly the “same.”

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Yea I saw those too @loopie_beer

Finally got to 1.011 today, still had krauesen but lighter color than previously.

20 days in the fermenter. Racked to a keg for lagering. Didn’t smell or taste great, kind of cidery but I’ll give it a couple weeks and see. The slurry went straight down the drain.

Yea someone told me they thought this was the urquell yeast, same as wy2001. They certainly don’t act anything alike IME.