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WLP550/3522 question

WLP550/3522 is often noted as a tart yeast. I made a batch with wlp550 and it’s turned out to have a nice spice character and not as tart as my initial hydrometer sample made me believe it would be.

Is there a temperature range that will make the tartness even more subdued? Or is that just not possible with this yeast?

The last batch pitched around 56* I believe and ramped up on its own to 79/80* and settled back down to finish at 72*

I also got a little sulfur in the aroma but I’m sure it’ll age out. Probably got it from pitching too cold?

Anyway, my question basically if there is a temp range that will produce a less tart final product with this yeast.

I make a Belgian Pale with 3522, and have made it many times. I start it at 68-70 and have paid no attention to it after that. It is always around 1.004 after 3 wks. It always seems subdued enough for me and tastes the same every time. I’ve tried 3711 and 3724 for a Saison and they seem to be a bit more tart, but also a different recipe. To me the Pale is always smooth with the 3522. For an experiment, try the WLP 400. That should be less tart. Maybe not the answer you are looking for but just my experience.

Not totally what I was looking for but I’ll take what I can get lol. That yeast is actually on my list to try. I asked bc I’ve read that you get varying amounts of citrus/tartness based on temp with 3711. Also on my list of yeasts to try! There are so many out there!

Next batch I’m gonna pitch warmer and see.

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