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Wlp011 European Yeast

Morning all,

I picked up a vial of this at my LBS because it was being sold for half price (date stamp is July 4). I’m not worried about this as I’ll make a decent starter and get things rolling. My question lies with the yeast in general. Has anyone ever used it? If so what was the style? I think white labs recommends an alt, kolsch , English ale, or fruit/ spiced beer. Bought it on a whom thinking I could do something fun. What’s $4 anyway?!

I only used it once, but pitched on the high (cell count) end, fermented in low 60’s IIRC. Good bit of sulfur, but just make sure you ramp up ferment temp and have plenty of oxygenation prior to pitching.

I would say use it for malt focused euro ales. If it were me, I’d make a biere de garde or maybe a dusseldorf alt.

Thanks! Yeah I’m leaning towards an alt or kolsch. I’ve read about the maltiness and sulfur notes so I’m going to design a recipe keeping that in mind.

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