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WLP007 for Scotch Ale?

First question: Guy at the LHBS didn’t have Wyeast 1728 I wanted so he suggested White Labs WLP007. I’m making a Scottish Ale. Any comments on the yeast selection?

Second question: I plan to make a starter. The yeast suggests a 2L starter above 1.065. My OG is calculated at 1.102. Can I just make up 2L of simple wort and pitch the 007 in, then pitch it in my beer at high krausen?


Second question: yes.

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Thanks! I’ve only made one starter so far. I read about it in Palmer but it wasn’t clear to me if there were other steps. Much appreciated!

Might be too attenuative in a modern interpretation of a Scottish ale. Did they have wlp002?

I figure a Scottish as being very malt forward… Maybe you do want your yeast not quite ready to go… in fact, under pitched… They will do their job, keep on the low side of the temp, let them chug along… slowly… Your malt will shine through… Sneezles61

I’ll check on the WLP002. I was looking at a reference chart at the LHBS and the 007 was listed in the Scotch Ale column. I still wasn’t sure so went looking for info here on forum yesterday and read some older posts that indicated it was highly attenuative. That gave me a little pause because I know the Scotch Ales are malty (the NB recipe is great!) so I wondered if the 007 might end up too dry Thank you for the confirmation @porkchop. I couldn’t find that info anywhere so I went ahead and made the starter think I was going to brew tomorrow night and it’s looking great…of course. LOL I may have to head to the LHBS and use it for something else, maybe a great big IPA?

@sneezles61 I’ll try that. I was a bit worried because my recipe calculates out to about 9.4% ABV so that was my reason for making the starter.

Once again, thanks for the comments guys!

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Found a nice reference on Brewers Friend:

1098/007 is the whitbread strain, so go ahead and use it for an IPA! It’s a really nice yeast. It’s my go-to strain for a big RIS.

Thanks for the advice!

I like 1007, and use it quite a bit. She’s a fermenting beasty (be ready with a blowoff tube), yet leaves a good malty background.
But, holy moly, that OG is arghh! Seriously? 1.102?
My highest OG so far has been around 1.090. I don’t use any containers bigger than qt. size for starters, so what I would do is make a regular starter, then when it’s finished, split it to two containers and do another stepped-up starter, and maybe even consider a third step-up. And yes, pitch within 36 hours to have an ‘active starter’.
But really what I would do, is brew a smaller batch (1.040-1.060) first, then use the slurry from that one to pitch the monster. An altbier would make a good ‘first beer’.
EDIT- oops. Didn’t see the WLP. I imagine WLP1007, is not the same as WY1007. So, I have no experience with WLP1007. Still, enough of the remainder of the post is relevant, so I’m not going to delete it.

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A quick follow up on the Scotch Ale: OG was 1.093, FG was 1.021 which comes out to 9.4% ABV. Tasted the test jar and even with the 007 yeast it turned out pretty malty. I have it on gas as of today, forced it with 30 psi and will hit it again tomorrow and then to 10 on Friday. More to come…

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