I brewed a dry stout on sunday with 004. My O G was 1.061 (tried a new technique and got 8-9 points higher than expected). I didn’t make a starter since I had a three gallon batch and the yeast was really fresh.
I pitched the yeast at 3 pm and saw some foam start to form by 7 and saw a burp in the airlock at 10. The next morning at 7 am it was burping every 1 1/2 seconds with 2 inches of foam and by 7 pm was burping about 8 times in a 5 second period with nearly 4 inches of foam. Tuesday morning it was going every 3 seconds and the foam was back to 2 inches. Tuesday night it was every 12 seconds with less than 1 inch of foam. This morning it was every 15-16 seconds with almost no foam left. My brew room is around 64.
This is the first time I’ve used 004, is this a typical ferment?

It sounds like a typical ale fermentation in general. After three days you’re probably at or near FG.

I always thought so, I just never had a yeast throw out that much foam to have it drop off so quickly.