WL dry yeast

Interesting White Labs is now selling dry yeast. Well of course dry yeast is more lucrative for them but maybe sales are slipping. There is so many choices these days

It’s about time. Perhaps they have their complete line up? Then, yes, that’ll be overwhelming …

I think it was so they ‘didn’t miss the boat’. Of course they’re a little behind if you ask me. I’m seeing more and more commercial breweries using dry yeast for numerous reasons, which, are the same reasons Homebrewers use dry. Ease, cost, storage, viability.


I agree ive pretty much switched to dry now that you can get anything you want. Although I dd just buy get the WY London Ale II for a Julius clone I’m doing for someone. He bought all the materials. Its a pretty expensive recipe even buying ala carte. Not sure if anyone makes a kit form

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I agree that some yeast haven’t been duplicated by dry. For example, the dry Mexican lager yeast from Cellar Science. I didn’t care for it much as it created an ‘odd’ taste that I didn’t care for. I say ‘odd’ cus I can’t put my finger on what it was. And, I tried it over several generations to see if it performed like WLP940. It didn’t so I’m back to 940…