Witbier carbonation

I bottled a batch of witbier about a week ago, and I’m concerned it may be over carbed. I primed according to yeastcalc.co’s priming calculator, (3.0 volumes, equating to 5.1 ounces corn sugar in a 4.2 gallon batch), but after only one week my plastic test bottle was hard as a rock. I poured it after cooling it for a few hours in the fridge, and it seemed to be at normal carbonation level. Wanting to avoid bottle bombs, I moved he rest of my bottles to my chest cooler to stop any further carbonation.

Does it sound like I will be alright, or is there still a chance that these may turn into gushers in another week?

Sounds about right to me, your calculations are right on assuming about 63 degrees bottling temperature. If your bottling temps were lower your carbonation might be a bit higher, but you still should be safe. Note that an unopened plastic bottle of soda is pretty darned hard at room temps. I bet you’re fine.

Fortunately a wit is a beer where a bit more carbonation isn’t a bad thing !

Just cracked my first bottle of it, and it seems to be perfect. Thanks for the reassurance, and Prost!

Now if I can just get my Pliny clone to carb up, I should be good to go for the start of the summer.

Agree that a wit is supposed to be fizzy. WhenI do overshoot, it’s easy enough to pour into an OJ decanter first.