Wisconsin beer recommendations

I’m going to be driving over to the east side of Wisconsin (Kohler/Sheboygan) this week, and want to come back with a bunch of beer I can’t get in the twin cities. Any recommendations on what I should look out for, or any shops better than the local Piggly Wiggly?

I’m pretty “meh” about New Glarus (granted, I haven’t had their whole catalog). I’m very into O’so (can you find Grandpa’s Got a Gun in shops still?) but otherwise, don’t really know what to look for. I’m also into non-Wisconsin brewers that don’t distribute to Minnesota.

Not sure on the distribution range of either but two recommendations off the top of my head are Sprecher and Lakefront. My favorite Sprecher is Black Bavarian and my favorite Lakefront is East Side Dark. I haven’t tried all their beers but I’ve never had a bad brew from either.

+1 to Sprecher. In my opinion, one of the most underrated craft breweries out there right now, and their Black Bavarian is one of my favorite beers. Not sure if you can get Sprecher in the Twin Cities, but I would stock up on that if have a chance.

Otherwise, Central Waters is brewed in that area, and I’m big fan of their Mud Puppy Porter. Worth picking up if you’ve never had it.

I love new glarus but Sprecher is an excellent brew also. My favorite Sprecher beer is the Abbey Triple

In approximate order of priority, seek out anything by:

Plymouth (right there in the Kohler area!)
Ale Asylum
Public Craft
Badger State
Pigeon River
Blue Heron
3 Sheeps (another in Sheboygan)

Some of these are in bottles, some are not. Not sure if you wanted 6-packs or just hitting the pubs. Either way, seek these. Very local and not available all over the place for sure.

Also I love Lakefront and New Glarus. Sprecher is very meh.

Wow, pretty specific and small. :cheers:

Yeah, I’ll be sampling whisky and wine for a couple of days, so was hoping more for bottles, but I may hit a pub or two on Thursday if the drive doesn’t wipe me out.

If you can get to only one pub… 8th Street Ale House.