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Winter Warmer Re-Yeast?

I made the Winter Warmer from NB and transferred to a Secondary 2 weeks ago because I wanted to let it sit longer per the instructions. I will be bottling next weekend so a total of 2 weeks in primary and 3 weeks in secondary. Do you guys think there will be enough little guys left during bottling to get the carb? I was thinking I might have to add 1/2 pack of some dry yeast, or use a small starter I have in the fridge, or could I stir them up a little before transferring to to the bottling bucket, I don’t mind doing careful pours out the bottle (I had a little accident when transferring my Pumpkin Ale, so kinda used to it now). *edit Oh yeah forgot to mention my OG was 1.045, haven’t taken another reading since.

No need to reyeast after 5 weeks, 5 months maybe.

Thanks, was thinking it wouldn’t need more. However because of the length of time, should I expect a longer bottle conditioning time? Normally I’m able to take a bottle out after a week to try and has just a bit of carb. Usually at 2 weeks it’s carbed up to a drinking state.

Should be about the same as normal.

In my experience with this situation, I’ve never seen any difference in bottle carb time as long as it has been less than 2 months from brew day to bottling day. I haven’t bottled enough beers that have sat longer to say if that’s the limit though.

Thanks, wasn’t sure how much of the guys would still be floating around over a month later.

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