Wine tap

I have this kicking around and looking for ideas. Im thinking drill a hole in the wall but not sure how to get the wine to flow without a nitro tank

Here is the other end

I think you have to use nitro beer gas or some gas which does not contain oxygen to fill up the empty space left in wine container as wine is removed. I use std beer lines kegs and taps to dispense my wine. Only few psi is needed on the keg. Also, unlike beer a larger diameter line with low pressure drop is OK.

If you really want to use a wooden tap, there are wooden taps online which have tapered ends that you could get larger diameter line over the end, put a hose clamp or two on it and of course use appropriate adapter. The ugly hose clamp and adapters would be behind wall and not visible.

I’d find a way to adapt barbed/flared fitting in the tap…(threading/epoxy gluing)… then you could mount a keg above it on the hidden side and gravity feed… and as MikeM sez, use a very little pressure to “push” it out the taps… perhaps a few brews as you see what would fit from yer collection of brew hardware…

Well I had this tap kicking around And thought it might look cool. I like yhe barb idea i have a couple. They may self thread into the wood. I could lat a 1/2 keg on the top of yhe beer fridge behind the wall. @mikem do you think an occasional shot of CO2 at room temperature will be absorbed?

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I think it is worth a try to first just use CO2 at very low pressure. If you don’t like the results, then can use nitro. Actually some people say very slight carbonation of some wines make them taste better…like fresher. Like a pinot grigio.

Gravity is your friend here. Every 2.2 feet the top of wine is above the tap is one psi. So put the wine up as high as you can and the tap as low as looks good and give it a shot.

With my kegged wine, I don’t leave it hooked up to nitro all the time. Just give it an occasional shot of pressure when the pour rate is too slow. When I serve wine at parties, I just pressure before hand and only once did I have to pressurize during a party. Point is you wont have to hook it up to the tank much particularly if the kegs are not as full. Full kegs need topped off more frequently.

If it does not work, then buy the nitro tank for wine as well as stouts on nitro…yummmm

And the side to using gas, keeping O2 at bay with the wine…
I did enjoy my wine “sparkling”.

another thing I learned about drinking wine is to let the glass sit a bit before drinking. it lets some O2 oxygenate the wine and would also help degas. I often decant wine for that reason. Im talking homemade wine or live wine. Stuff off the lower shelf can be drunk from the bottle

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