Wine SG at second stage suppose to 1.010 but mine is at 0.993 already?

Why is my wine before second stage at 0.993 already ?

Sounds like you had some happy, healthy yeast. How many days/weeks has it been? What was the OG?

It has been 9 days suppose to be 8 days but I didn’t have time left it one extra day didn’t check SG during. The OG was 1.080 which was exactly what it was suppose to be now I have racked it to carboy for second fermentation is that good ?

The timelines in recipe kits are just general guidelines. The yeast will determine the actual timeline, and this one sounds like it has hit terminal gravity.

Now that you have it in secondary, you can let it sit a few weeks. I don’t know if it matters whether you wait to degas and fine it, or just do it now. What do the instructions say?

The instructions just talk about when SG gets less than 1.010 for second stage and third stage start when SG less than .995 well after stage one it was already at .993 so I’m not sure this is only my second wine kit and I’ve done two beer it’s all turned out good. [quote=“srideout1, post:1, topic:24249, full:true”]
Why is my wine before second stage at 0.993 already ?