Windy and cold

Well closing down my 10gallon outdoor brewery for the season. Heading out to CO for a few weeks and had to brew today because hoping that jet plane in the am. Been really pressing to get everything done before I leave so I had to brew today. A little windier than I like. Brewed up my ryePA. I’ll pitch tonight and keg in three weeks when I get back. The rest of the winter I’ll do Ten gallon lagers outside the garage door and mash inside in a couple 42 cup coffee pots. Anywho happy Thanksgiving everyone

happy thanksgiving @brew_cat and safe travels!

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I know, it’s getting to that time where I think damn I should just convert to electric and brew in basement.

You too have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! And too all as well.


Happy thanksgiving to all!

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Ah geez, safe travels to all and do find time to have a home brew or small craft brew, reflect on yesterday, tomorrow is just about here! TTFN sneezles61

Every one have a good thanksgiving. And safe travel

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Not much wind and 77° this morning here. The down side is my 20 gallon brewery is 1600 miles away. Oh well. Just ordered enough stuff from NB to fire off a five gallon extract brew from NB. Have one corny keg that I brought along left and some bottles of Fat tire in the cooler.

Safe travels BC and happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Happy thanksgiving everyone! No brewing for me today but just boiled some sugar that I’m going to add to 1/2 of a rye ipa that I brewed last weekend.

You need a portable brew cart for your snowbird trips south Mark. I’m sure you have a trailer with the scooter on it right? Couldn’t you squeeze a cart on there somewhere?

No trailer. Tried that years ago and trips to the grocery in the rain on our Harleys was no fun. Tow a Jeep now. Put the top down and pretend.

Have a little kettle, bucket and ice. And perfect temps to try out Kveik yeast.

Gee whiz, there should be lots of room in the jeep, well, at least there is in ours!:slight_smile: Sneezles61

Not so much in our shorty, two door Wrangler. It’s already stuffed with lawn chairs, ice maker, BBQ… I’m lucky to have the bucket, burner and kettle.

On the bright side the wind chill this afternoon will be 82° beer 32°

We are having a balmy start to the cold season here… Time to fire up the charcoal grill! On the bright side here, my brew won’t warm up too fast!! Sneezles61

There are quite a few breweries near here two within walking distance. I had a couple from Casey brewing from Glenwood springs with turkey dinner. A saison and one they call fruit stand which I believe is kriek. The Saison was very good but the kriek was outstanding.

Once you find a great Kriek, you will need to hoard a few at home. Open one up and enjoy, thinking how could you replicate this! Was the Kriek light red see through? Sneezles61

Yes it was red. My son in law has another bottle. We shall see. He got a few bottles in trade from some plumbing work.

Seems, every once in a while, the local breweries offer up some kriek, most are brewed with a brown ale, well, maybe nut brown. Just isn’t right. Fitgers does one that is the clear red, very bubbly, not a big ABV. I suppose its way too late now, may be a fun one to research for next years cherry harvest? Sneezles61

Casey does three beers a saison the kriek and one other Belgian I believe. They are all limited production aged in oak and about $30 a bottle . I wouldn’t have the patience to wait the minimum year and a half.

You could do a quick version. Kettle sour then pitch brett. let it go 3 months. Its not gonna be the same as a true oak aged kriek but would be really good. I did a kettle sour that i added tart cherry juice to and fermented with us05 that truned out pretty good. It was more like a berliner with light cherry flavor.

I was more inclined to American-ize it… I’ll try to describe soon. I’m not a sour/funky drinker… Just has to be another side to it… Sneezles61