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Wind Break

I had posted in the AG group that 50MPH in Wyoming is a slight breeze. It’s very true. The wind is bad even deep into my garage. Of course, my wife (with a smirk) told me I should try brewing with the garage doors closed. I’m sure she was kidding (I hope). Anyway, I’m thinking of taking a 4X8 plywood, cutting it in half, then connecting the halfs with a few hinges.

Anybody have any ideas?


Man, I sympathize with your problem. I used to live in the high desert of northern Nevada and know exactly what you’re talking about. I think I would try brewing in the garage with the doors open a bit, then put a wind break around the burner, inside the garage. With a set up like that you would get plenty of air circulation but the windbreak would be effective against the amount of wind that would get in under and over the door. I brew in the garage now this way(with a co2 monitor plugged in) and have never had any problem. :?

That’s not a bad idea. :idea: I will definitely check that possibility out.


I’ve been thinking about making a wind break. Right now I brew on the deck and I use miscellaneous items (a washtub, a small metal ash can and a worm composter) around the burner to cut the wind. Very hillbilly, but then I’m a hillbilly.

Hey, if it works! Like we used to say in the Navy, “Any port in a storm”.

I use a couple of old traffic signs,50 MPH & the one with the curve ahead hash mark. :lol: I just lean the unpainted side against 2 sides of the burner. I brew in the garage, doors up, with a fan in the gable end of the roof.
Another hillbilly [cheap] brewer :cheers: Mike.

We use the steel from an old swimming pool and set up a perimeter around the burners. works well for brewing and maple syrup.

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