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Will gelatin clear a wheat haze in a Kristallweizen?

Would more gelatin be more efffective or is 1tsp in a cup of water and heated in the microwave sufficient?

Just cold condition it. You’ll be amazed how wheats clean up. In my experience, they turn crystal clear very quickly and give me the clearest beers of all I make even with no gelatin added.

In my experience, gelatin must “bloom” to work BEST. Also beer should be crash cooled for 1 week to remove most yeast remaining in suspension.

Sprinkle and dissolve packet (or 1 tsp) into a cup of water. Wait 30 minutes (bloom). Heat while stirring to 170F, do NOT boil. Carefully add to beer and gently mix. Keep cold and wait 1 week. Kristal klear.

I suppose you could nuke in pyrex but I would be stirring and checking temp every 30 secs or so.

Gelatin should work great for this. I boil up a little water (maybe a cup), then sprinkle in the yeast to dissolve or “bloom” it, and then stir that into the finished beer. If your results are anything like mine, you’ll begin to see results immediately, as the yeast clumps up and begins falling out like snowflakes. After about 24 hours, it’s crystal clear. Rack it off and you’re good to bottle/keg.

And why not?

Boiling inactivates the chemical reaction which allows it to clear beer. Too lazy to offer a reference but I recall haze compounds being positively charged and prepared gelatine being negative.

Weird, considering gelatin is made by boiling the living hell out of animal tissue like bones…

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