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Wild Rice? Process to mash?

Anyone used Wild Rice in anything. Would it be the process of cereal mashing? If I remember right its 3 qts water per lb. with a half lb of 2 row? Anyone that can provide some info that would be great!

Got some wild rice that was I was thinking of using too.

I used wild rice once and really liked the flavor. I did a cereal mash with it, then added it to the mash.

Awesome. I need to read a little more on cereal mashing techniques… I want to add it to a farmhouse ale that I found a recipe for. Never done one so i thought this was a good time to use an adjunct.

Just add rice, water (maybe a bit more than you’d normally use to cook the rice) and some malt (about 10% of your base malt amount is the ROT) to a pot. The malt helps keep the rice from getting “gluey” but isn’t strictly necessary. Bring it up to the 150s and hold for maybe 10 min. or so to convert the barley. Then bring it to a boil and boil until the rice is pretty mushy. Then add to the main mash.

SIMPLE! Sweet. Thanks Denny. I will do that. I will share the results!

I’ll be bringing a keg of my Wild Rice Lager to NHC to serve in both the Hospitality Suite and Club night. For mashing the Wild Rice, I basically followed the information that is in the BYO article linked above.

The beer will be in the Cascade Brewers Society booth.

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