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Wild Onion Brewery Beers

On our weekend jaunt to Chicago to visit friends, we went to the Onion Pub in Barrington, IL outside of Chicago. I had their Paddy Pale Ale, CentenniAle Blond, and tasted the wife’s Hefty Weisse. I picked up a 4-pk of Hop Slayer DIPA in cans and had one of those last night.

My favorite was the Paddy Pale, it had a generous American citrus hop flavor and aroma and was an easy drinking beer as far as ABV and limited sweetness. The Hop Slayer DIPA was more of a meal, and while it might have been higher IBU it was more than balanced by body, sweetness and ABV. The CentenniAle was very mild, I love Centennial hops but this wasn’t a hop showcase and I was a little dissappointed. Should’ve read the description more closely. The Hefty Weiss was skewed to the clove, with little banana and a hint of bubblegum. Its color was a deep gold and I was expecting a little caramel but there was none to be found, maybe it would have come out as it warmed but I wasn’t allowed repeated sips by the wife. All in all a nice weizen, she enjoyed it and she’s a weizen expert now.

I had mussels, the wife had a very generous jagerschnitzel plate. Appetizers, food were all first rate and the service was spot on even late on a busy Saturday night.

Anyone else have a review of this brewery/pub?

I’m just 10 minutes from there - it could have been fun to meet up.

I like their Centennial, but as you say it may be a matter of expectations. It’s not a big beer, just a nice pale ale, more along the lines of the Paddy ale, but with the definite (but not huge) Centennial flavor/aroma. Hop-Slayer is their big hoppy guy, and I think that is very well done. Their Jack Stout is nicely done, IMO, but nothing that will knock your socks off.

From what I’ve heard from others, a few years back, their beers could be hit-or-miss, but they seem to have their quality under good control now.

I have not had the two dishes you mentioned, will need to try those. We tend to go in summer on a nice day, they have a nice outdoor patio, so we lean towards casual burgers or the Cuban sandwich or wrap or salad or something like that. Nice place and nice people (we have some mutual acquaintances).


It was dark and cold when we arrived so I really didn’t see much of the outdoor part of the facility, but from what I read its very nice with a view of a lake and all. I didn’t plan this much in advance, in fact it was a suggestion of my wife’s friend but I do recall someone recommending it not long ago.

And just to warn folks, the place is closing for remodeling, I think they said the bar would re-open in ten days and the restaurant some time in March.

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