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Why Not Boil Your Grains

As we both are…do you know what the S/T protein ration is? I can’t find it on their website.

If you keep the 122 rest short, you likely won’t do much harm. But U still think a 131 might work better for you.

ETA - found it…it’s 38-44. I’d either do a very short rest at 131 or skip it completely. But that’s me…

OK, thanks Denny, skipping it would help shorten up the brew day a bit.

Well here’s an update. I’ve brewed 3 different Lagers using the Schmitz process and just tapped the first batch. Everything went real smooth and it seems like a pretty simple process.

The first batch turned out great, nice and clear, decent head and lacing. Great malty taste and aroma.

Can’t say for sure if it’s any better than a single infusion or step mash but it isn’t worse.

I guess I’ll keep experimenting with this and try tweaking different temps and boil times.

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