Why is my beer not carbonated

This my first 1 gallon brew. I followed directions to the T and my beer taste good but is not carbonated.I will continue to drink them but I would like to have my next small batch carbonated.

The capping went well and I put into each 12oz bottle one sugar tablet as per instructions. Can anyone suggest what went wrong? Is there a way of proofing the capping? Does the sugar tablet have a shelf life?

Thanks in advance my fellow Brew Masters,

How and how long did you condition the bottles. You need to keep the bottles at around 70 deg for 2 weeks

I had them in the fridge for one week as per instructions. After the bottling. Are you suggesting that the bottles should be conditioned prior to bottling? If so I was not aware of that.

Your bottles need to condition at room temperature 70ish degrees for at least 2 weeks. Then you can pop one or two in the fridge to chill and test. Could take a bit longer in some cases.

The instructions told you to put them in the fridge after you add sugar? Well that’s wrong. The only thing you need to do to the bottles before you fill them is wash and sanatize. Then add your bottling sugar and cap. After you cap them leave them in a 70 degree room for a minimum of a week two weeks is better. If you want you can turn them over once a day for a couple of days to speed the process. After the week or two then you chill them overnight and enjoy your delicious carbonated home brew. If you didn’t drink them all flat already take them out of the fridge and do the conditioning. They will carbonate.

Ok…thank you so much for the information. I only opened 3 bottles I will bring them in the house to get that 70 deg. and wait another week or two.

Thank and Enjoy your Holidays