Why is it still fermenting?

I purchased the extract SMASH american Session Ale. After the expected 7 days of fermentation, the foam fell back in and the bubbling stopped entirely. Then I re-racked it. I added 1 last oz of dry hops as stated and within 48 hours it started bubbling up again.
4 weeks now and there are still tiny bubbles coming up and the air lock bubbles once a minute.
Not a super high sugar content so not sure if there is something fishy going on. Temp stayed around 68 F.

Any help would be great because I wanted to bottle it soon but dont want to have bottle bombs.

That happens… co2 will come out of solution in secondary, especially if you add dry hops. I wouldn’t worry.

so you think I can go ahead and add sugar and bottle?

It is possible the fermentation had not completed before you racked to the secondary. At least two specific gravity readings with a hydrometer are needed to confirm final gravity.

The dry hop can also create nucleation points for the CO2 in solution to begin off gassing through the air lock.

Take a gravity reading today and another two days from now. Two days apart for a low gravity beer may be okay especially with the amount of time since the start of active fermentation. If the SG readings are the same begin bottling.

In the future I would not rack to a secondary vessel until final gravity is confirmed. Though I don’t use a secondary anymore. I dry hop in the primary after final gravity is confirmed.


Thanks flars, will take your advice.

And DO taste the sample… If something fishy going on, your tongue will alert you! Sneezles61

So the dry hops have been in there 3 weeks now?