Why I'm staying

This new forum platform is lacking in many ways but I’m staying because I think the people on here are well informed about our craft. I’ve been sniffing around a few other forums and find the quality of many of the posters lacking. I know the people here and have been heeding their advice and I think I make pretty good beer because of it.

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I’ll add my name to “I’m staying”. It is a new format, but what is foremost is the quality remains. Got the hang of it by just single clicking around. What I really don’t look forward to is having to go to Windows 10 next year. A new operating system is frustration. Haven’t found where they hid everything in 7 yet.

I am also staying. The first couple of days and the beta trial I thought that I could not stand it. Like anything else I’m starting to get the hang of it by just fumbling around.

Still some major issues with missing posts, no post count I can see so I lost my 5,000+ count, still do not have moderator status or control I can figure out.

I, too, am staying. Just like anything else change is cumbersome. Playing around with things have made it much easier to navigate. Mark, hopefully they can figure your moderator status out.

I’m staying even though I lost my Master Brewer title which I had to ask a lot of really stupid questions to get… :smirk:

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A lot of the moderator function these days was killing off spammers. So far I haven’t seen any on the new format. Hope I didn’t just jinx us.

Did you wish for Spam?

As bad is it is, I kind of like that Spam. Well not the K rations stuff.

Mark I was thinking that but didn’t want to say it. ITS ALL ON YOUR SHOULDERS NOW!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Danny, although it may not say ‘Master Brewer’ we will always know you as the one who trained the Brewers at Weihenstephaner. :smile:

Fried spam on wonder bread with mayo

If all else fails I have that goin’ for me loop

I was on another forum having a back in forth with a fellow telling him he shouldn’t age his beer in clear vodka bottle. He thought I was silly. That’s why I’m staying here.

I can’t stand Spam, but I’m in SE PA where we eat Scrapple. As I explain to visitors, “It’s made from the parts they wouldn’t put in Spam.” It’s true, but the stuff is also freaking DELICIOUS.

About the forum, I learned to brew here. I wouldn’t feel right leaving without paying that forward. I’ve seen some posters I really respect go silent, or outright flame-out their departure. I’m glad to read here of others who have earned my respect, saying they are staying.

I think a lot of good functionality has been lost. Specifically, I hate that the new/unread are forum-wide instead of specific to the topic area. I’m hoping the authors of this software are paying attention, and plan to move the ball forward. While the UI is visually stunning, it just seems like the software is ill-suited to run a forum. Was it designed for another purposes and is a square peg in a round hole, or did the authors just never use Internet forums? A good UI also needs to align to the user’s expectations, and this just falls far short.

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Check preferences. You can disable site wide notifications or just certain categories. You can even mute responses from certain users.


[quote=“hd4mark, post:3, topic:6880”]
Still some major issues with missing posts, no post count I can see so I lost my 5,000+ count, still do not have moderator status or control I can figure out.
[/quote]Yeah, I’m a little miffed at that one as well.

Went to Junior High outside of Allentown and HS in Downingtown…kind of miss scrapple…can find in a grocery store every once in a while down here, but never in a restaurant.


Ha!!! I just got notified that I’ve been made a moderator of this place!!! Sorry, folks, don’t think I’ll be moderating much. I still lurk occasionally, but remain highly dissatisfied with the new forum design, so much that I feel no desire to contribute any longer. The folks on here are smart enough to take care of ya’ll from here on out. See ya.

Sorry to hear Dave but thanks for the help with making my first ciders they came out well got another going now. Going to keep expierimenting

No offense Dave but no one is going to beg you to stay. I don’t think that you need to be so offensive because of change. I think that if you played around you would fine that the forum is easy to navigate. I imagine that you were suggested for a moderator because you offered great insight and did so frequently. A simple no thank you would have sufficed rather than coming here and flaming a company that offers this service for free

Thanks for your contribution to the forum. I wish you the best in your brewing.