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Why does the StarSan in the airlock clear during fermentation?

Here’s another one of my weird brewing related observations. I add StarSan to the airlock as many of you do. When primary fermentation really gets going, the liquid in the airlock goes from that cloudy StarSan solution to a very clear water. I’ve seen this happen several times now. Does anyone have any idea why? The airlock doesn’t overflow, so the StarSan didn’t get pushed out. I usually do primary fermentation in a 6 or 6.5 gallon fermenter (now have the Chapman 7 gallon SS brew bucket), and the krauzen nevers comes even close to the airlock. I’m wondering if the CO2 might have anything to do with it. Anyone else see this happen to their airlocks?

All the time. I have no clue why, but every time, it gets crystal clear.

I never noticed that but I’ll look out for it next brew

Here is best way I can explain. CO2 is water soluble and when mixed with water it creates carbonic acid This happens when a hydrogen atom and CO2 attach them selfes together. The water is now acidic and the ph of the water is keeping the water more clear like sparkling water which I might add has carbonic acid in it


Are you a rocket scientist? I really enjoy your approach to many questions… Sneezles61

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I agree Better call Saul is no breaking bad. I stopped watching it and Netflix it after the season is over that way I’m not further disappointed and fast forward through it most the time

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