Why do you home brew?

I’m writing a paper for a pop culture class, and I just wanted to do an informal discussion abt why we home brew. You can talk abt the practical side (better beer or cheaper beer) or talk abt home brewing as a hobby or both. Another approach could be to talk abt what got you started, I’m looking at answering the question why is home brewing important to you. Thanks in advance for the responses! I’m sure they will give me some great ideas.

Because I am a raging control freak. :cheers:

I like it all: the creative process, the satisfaction of drinking a tasty alchoholic beverage I made, the gadgets, the science, the experimentation, the DIY components, the ability to go as simple or complex as I want, the differing opinions, the mistakes, the successes and the sense of community (on forums likes this).

Hmmm, let’s see… Why do I do this again???

Oh yeah! Because I love beer, cooking and being creative!

+1 to that.

Beyond the beer aspect of it, it’s a fun hobby that you can take as far as you want or keep it simple, spend as much money as you want or as little, you can share it with most people (nobody ever liked it when I was a basket weaver), the learning is never ending. Not many people do it, which is a huge plus to me.

For the beer aspect of it, you can produce a quality product to your tastes that you can be proud of. As long as my wife isn’t reading this, I’ll argue whether or not it’s cheaper to brew or buy (equipment costs, how much is given away, whether you drink more, etc), so I can’t say I brew because it’s cheaper, but it is more satisfying to drink your own and comparable in price at the worst to craft beer. It gives you a great to excuse to drink too much (I’m not drunk, I’m in the middle of serious research and development).

The gadgetry, problem solving, science, work are all fun.

The more time, learning and effort you put into it, the better your product becomes, for the most part.

We have hands, so we brew.

I brew because I am thirsty :cheers:

I brew because I have empty kegs.

I make stuff that would sell for $10 a 4-pack for the cost of buying cases of Natty Light

+1 to all of this except for the mistakes part of it. :wink:

Along the same lines as above - it combines my talents, interests and tastes.

  • I am a biology teacher (brewing appeals to the scientist in me).
  • I love cooking/grilling/smoking (brewing appeals to the chef in me)
  • I love gardening, canning, preserving food (Brewing appeals to the “do it yourself” aspect).
  • I like creating different hot sauces, bloody mary mixes, horseradish, etc (creative aspect)
  • I am competitive, so I like to see if I can do something as well as a “pro.”
  • Oh, and I freaking LOVE beer. All kinds of beer. I love having 10 kinds of beer on hand to choose from and making it to my tastes.

I think, overall, brewers kind of fall into different categories as far as what inspires them the most - they may be a blend of many things, but it is kind of one thing that really inspires them the most.

Builders - who love to make the stuff they brew with - maybe more than the brewing itself.
Scientists - who love the biology, chemistry and science of brewing
Chefs - who love the creative cooking/tasting aspect of brewing
Competitors - those who like to enter and compete against others in contests to be the best
Drinkers - more beer, more alcohol in it, get it done fast
Beer lovers - simply love beer varieties, tasting, comparing, etc.
Self sufficient - why let someone else make something when you can make it yourself

In addition to agreeing with many previous comments,

I enjoy the planning,
…the sights, sounds, smells
…honing the process
…sharing with friends and taking pride in the fruits of my labor

I can never find what I like in the beer store
and the stuff I have always settled for is way expensive

and as a bonus I have found its a great hobby

Honestly, I started brewing because Omaha stopped curbside glass pickup. Seems like a silly reason, but I liked high end brews and it seemed a wise way to use and reuse beer bottles.

I tend to brew high gravity beers and store them for many years.

I brew because its a hell of allot cheaper then buying craft beer. Ask my wife she will tell you on average I would spend 300-400 dollars a month on craft beer when I home brew I spend less then half of that. Yeah you have more set up cost but saving 200$ a month adds up fast.

Because I’m obsessed with it. I do it because it’s fun and I love craft beer, and continually want to make better beer than what you can typically find at the store.

I started brewing in college (in 1971) simply because it seemed like a funky thing to do.
I kept brewing because the process fascinated me.
I continue to brew because lately, craft beer is over-hyped, often with over the top pricing, and of variable quality…and it certainly isn’t any better than what can be made (very simply) at home with minimal equipment, for what often works out to 1/4 (or less) of the cost of storebought ‘boutique’ brews.

I’d brew even if it wasn’t a money saver…but that aspect of it is a nice added incentive. And since I enjoy the process, I make time for brewing every 3-4 weeks…and rarely run out of homebrew.

Brewing is my “treehouse”.

I do it because I like to entertain and offer up a good place for the locals to drink without fear of getting a DUI. Also for as many people that come here during the course of a week, it is very affordable and something that I am proud of saying that I made.

I brew because it allows me to secretly drink 20 gallons of beer without anyone giving me the stink eye!! :twisted:

i started when i was 18 or 19 because i couldn’t buy beer on my own.

after i turned 21 - i do it because I’ve become obsessed

because my neighbor’s dog told me to. boy, it sure is hot out…