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Who makes sour dough

Anyone make sour dough that is willing to share how it’s done

I do. I use the method in the Tartine baking book. Takes the better part of all day, once you have an established starter. Starter: 1/2 cup white flour, 1/2 cup wheat flour, 4 oz warm water. Every feeding (every couple of days), throw out most of it, and add the same proportions. Eventually, it will start rising and falling predictably. I’ll look up the loaf ratios whenI get home.

Do you use beer yeast

I have… but the trick is to use it when you first create the starter. Then, you refresh it with just flour and water. You eventually want a balance of yeast and bacteria for complex flavor.

What yeast works best

Ive used Kveik, wy1272 and US05. In my process, it doesn’t really matter, since after refreshing a few times with flour, the starting yeast is just part of the culture… wild yeast, beer yeast, bacteria all find their own balance. Bread just leavened with beer yeast isn’t really sourdough… I haven’t made it that way, but my guess is it wouldn’t be too much different from just using bread yeast.

I was reading about using sour ale yeast or dregs of a bottle condition sour

I used a book written by Ruth Allman… Geez, Alaskan sour Dough? Used to always have one rolling along… Somehow, we let ours die… I do miss the sour dough cakes in the AM… Use to give it some baking soda water, and that sucker would start foaming! Lightest, fluffiest cakes!! Oh boy, time to get one going I think! Sneezles61

Im out of my element on that, but it sounds reasonable. @porkchop is our resident expert on bugs in sours.

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I saw most of them using yeast in dough.

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