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White IPA

It’s time to contemplate the 2014 version of this beer, a favorite poolside. Last year, I used the centennial/cascade/citra hopping profile but this year I would like to use some of the newer australian varieties. My goal is to make a higher gravity belgian wit relying on the hops rather than orange/corriander. I purposefully left out a 90min hop in favor of the “smoother” FWH and would love to hop stand this as well. I have some citra as well that could be used but didn’t want to confuse things too much.

8lbs pilsener
4lbs wheat malt
2lbs flaked wheat
0.5lb acid malt
1lb table sugar

2oz Amarillo FWH
2oz Mosaic hopstand 180
2oz Galaxy hopstand 180

WY 3944
OG 1.075
FG 1.014
49 IBUs


OK, perhaps I need to clarify the question. Has anyone had experience with the hop combination of Amarillo/Galaxy/Mosaic?

I think your hop combo will work great in that beer, however I would do at least a small hop addition at 60 minutes (or hopshot) to add some sweetness, maybe with Magnum or Warrior (1/4-1/2 ounce). Hopstand, FWH and DH’s will give you great aroma and flavor, but this beer will likely have a substantial body and sweetness, which will need to balanced by some bitterness.

If you are going to call it an IPA, you probably want to get that IBU number at least up into the 70’s. Not sure if its just a calculation issue or that’s really your target IBU.

Why not have some flameout hops, are the whirlpool additions meant to replace those? You also didn’t list any dry hops, which I think would really add to a beer like this. Maybe split your whirlpool additions and add the remainder as DH’s?

Thank You for your reply. The bittering addition should get me up to 70 IBUs and dryhopping will be dependent on finding some more Galaxy/Mosaic. I was hoping not to overwhelm the belgian yeast character but my last Cali-Belgique clone did just fine.

Yeah, that is a tricky balance, I hear ya. Maybe rack into two separate containers (purge w/ CO2), try one with a smaller dose of dry hops, and another with a larger dose. You can definitely source those hops from online retailers.

Good luck-

I’m down to last minute planning. One last question for the collective NB nation: hop stand with 1) 2oz galaxy and 1oz mosaic or 2) 2oz galaxy and 1oz citra? The same amount would be used for dry hopping. Thank You in advance!

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