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White House Honey Porter

Hey guys,

My cousin and best friend/brother just became a Green Beret, and he’s shipping out to Afghanistan on Monday and will be gone 6-9 months. He likes Porters and Stouts a lot, and I was planning on brewing him a simple dry stout. But, with the release of these White House recipes I figure it would be fitting to brew him his president and commander-in-chief’s beer.

The thing is, I want the beer to be at its best when he gets back. I was wondering how long you guys think this recipe could ferment and condition and still be good so I can time this batch appropriately for either 6 or 9 months.

Also, I am only set up for extract right now. Although I brewed a variation of the Smashing Pumpkin Ale with a real pumpkin and a partial mash and hope to switch over soon.



Make it now. it’ll be great in 6 months

heck yeah make it now!
give it several weeks in the primary…3 or 4 weeks would be fine. Bottle it up and let it sit for 6 or 9 months. You’ll have a great beer on your hands.


Absolutely make it now!
Porter is definitely a brew that benefits from aging.

Looks like you have your answer. Porter’s age well

Alright cool, thanks for all the fast replies guys. I will brew it as soon as I rack this Pumpkin Ale to secondary. What do you guys think about the amount of Honey the recipe calls for? Should I tone it down a bit?

You won’t get much, if any, honey flavor. Honey is a nice ingredient that looks cool in the name of a beer. :slight_smile:

+1 to mvsawyer. Honey is purely for a gravity boost.

I did a pound in the boil as called for and then added a half a pound of local honey at high krausen because I had heard that you get some honey aroma from it this way. I dont know if thats true yet though.

Also give your friend a thank you from me. My buddy just joined. I really appreciate what your cousin does.

making with ingredients you got from somebody else, that was delivered by a truck, AND extract??

You didn’t brew that…

[quote=“cgbruise”]making with ingredients you got from somebody else, that was delivered by a truck, AND extract??
You didn’t brew that…[/quote]

So I guess you think he should grow and malt his own barley as well? :mrgreen:

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