White House Honey Ale

I brewed the NB White House Honey Ale extract kit a couple of weeks ago. Is it supposed to be this dark? See photo.


Two things:

  1. Beers look a lot darker when they are in the carboy.
  2. Extract beers will also be darker because the extract has already been boiled once. It would be darker still if you had a concentrated boil because of kettle caramelization.


Thanks for the help. I was aware of it looking darker in the carboy, but didn’t know that extract and condensed boiling made it darker too. I just thought it would be a little more blonde in color, not so brown. Thanks again.

I brewed a batch after Xmas and mine is that dark. Getting ready to bottle it this weekend.

Mine’s actually a lot more red. Anyone have that color? I’ll try to post a picture in a bit.

Looks delicious to me :cheers:

Obviously it’s burned… better send it all to me for proper disposal

Just brewed the 1 gallon kit last Sunday, mine looks lighter but it’s in a small fermenter which might make a diffence.

[attachment=0]2013-02-28 14.33.25 (746x1024).jpg[/attachment]Just brewed this 24 Feb and yes, mine was dark as well. Although my OG was a little bit higher @ 1.066. Less than 24 hours after pitching the airlock and stopper blew off. I just checked my gravity today with a refractometer and its already at 1.025. I’m excited I hope it turns out well, I’m pretty new to this.

Mine is a bit red also.

Here’s the White House Honey Porter I just unbottled. Thought the head would be much fuller. I like the start when it first hits the pallet, doesn’t finish as smooth as I’d like. Hoping it gets better with age. Not terribly bad for just my third batch.

Just bottled this yesterday. I was surprised it turned out darker then i was expecting. But then maybe it’s supposed to be more of a brown ale then a blonde… this is what the left overs looked like that didn’t fit in a bottle … Cheers!

Hello! I just bottled the 1 gallon starter kit version of this beer yesterday. See the pic. Mine is yellow reddish.


Here’s what it looked like right before pitching the yeast. A bit darker.


I’ve been drinking this for a few weeks now … Damn it’s tasty!!