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Whisky barrels

I live in the SF Bay Area of California and I’m looking to buy a used whisky barrel to age a stout in. 5 or 10 gallons is preferred. I’m looking around and I’m starting to see that " You gotta know a guy" kinda thing or you just have to live in Kentucky to get one of these. Anyone have a resource or information on buying a recently used, if not freshly used whisky barrel?

Because you do live in cali. Why dont you look at. A wine barrel. Did look on ebay. Lots for sale from the nappa valley.

Adventures in homebrewing and farmhouse are the two places where I’ve bought barrels. Shipping wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t have to go very far. Not sure if it would be practical to ship it to California.

If you get on Farmhouse’s mailing list, they’ll let you know when they get barrels.

Awesome thanks

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