Whirlfloc tablets

Last nite i brewed a fosters clone and the kit came with specialty grain which was munich. The last 15 min the kit called for irish moss but i used whirlfloc tab instead. It was the first time i used them. after the boil and i chilled the wort to pitching temp i noticed there was a lot of crap floating around in the wort. Did this come from the tablets . I tried letting it settle to the bottom but no luck there , i needed to get the yeast on it . will this stuff floating in the wort ruin my batch.?

I also just used wirlfloc for the first time. The first 3 days after the boil it had large puffy thing floting around. I think this is just the stuff falling out. I just pitched right in after my IC got it chilled down to 75. fermentation had no problems and the beer has cleared and the trub has settled down nice. Cheers

Whirlfloc rocks! No problem at all and get ready for the clearest beer you’ve ever had. I use it all the time. one tablet per 10 gallons for the last 5 minutes of the boil.

I am also a big fan of whirlflock! That is just proteins coagulating out of solution. Those things are great!

I also use Whirlfloc and have had very clear beer in the 60 + batches that I’ve made with it.