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Which yeast is better for the beer style

I want to brew a porter and I have two yeast strains one is a harvested us05 and the other is a packet of s33 I was wondering very simply which one would be better for a robust porter. To be honest the reciple calls for us05 but I’m getting better at this whole brewing thing and want to experiment BUT I also don’t want to screw up. Any input wouldbe helpful

I have had good luck with the 33; ferments like a beast and is good for a full bodied beer that you want some mouthfeel in. I have used it in anything from a rasberry wheat to a pale.

Experimenting is what it is all about!

My personal tastes would lean toward the 05.


1st you won’t screw up your beer which ever yeast you use but you will have 2 different beers from these yeasts. If your curious I would split the beer into different fermenters and use one yeast in each. When you do a side by side tasting after both beers are done, you will know which one to use on future batchs. BTW, most people are shocked at the difference a different yeast can make on the same wort. I know I was the first time I tried it.


I used US-05 for this batch. But that’s good advice for next time

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