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Which yeast for a yeast starter?

I am going to make the Black IPA which recommends a yeast starter. I cleaned the yeast from my Chinook IPA kit and have the yeast stored in jars. I also picked up the wyeast 1272 for the Black IPA kit.

My question is: if I cleaned the yeast and have it stored in jars do I even need the wyeast 1272 if I make a starter with the cleaned yeast?

I am confused about which yeast needs to be used. Originally, I planned to do a yeast starter with the cleaned yeast and then pitch that with the 1272 in the fermenter. Is this the correct way to make a yeast starter, by using a smack pack and doing a starter with previous yeast (so not making a starter with the 1272)?


Could I just do a starter with the yeast I cleaned (and did not need to buy the wyeast 1272)?

My understandings is that starters just increase the cell count of yeast for higher gravity beers.

I know the different styles of yeast may create different flavors but just want to understand the correct procedure for a yeast starter.


A starter would typically start with a smack pack, to build to pitchable cell counts. You could also pitch the harvested slurry, with or without a starter. Generally one wouldn’t use both.

Check the slurry tab in the MrMalty calculator. If you pitched the IPA less than a few weeks ago, you should be fine using the rinsed slurry without a starter.

What yeast did you save?

The yeast I saved is wyeast 1056 from the Chinook IPA kit.

Well since I purchased the smack pack for the Black IPA I might as well use that as my starter for the beer. I will save the harvested yeast for another beer.

Im glad to know that I do not need to buy the smack packs in the future and the harvested yeast will suffice for fermenting higher gravity beers. I thought you needed the smack pack and needed to do a starter for the harvested yeast because a smack pack did not contain enough yeast cells.

So I should just make a starter with the 1272 and save my harvested yeast for another beer, correct?

I’d use whichever strain you prefer and not worry about where the yeast is coming from. It’s flavor that really matters, after all.

I’d use whichever strain you prefer and not worry about where the yeast is coming from. It’s flavor that really matters, after all.[/quote]

+1 what he said

Thanks, I will use the 1272 and save the harvested yeast for another beer.

According to Mr. Malty, I need to make a pretty big starter since the OG for the black ipa is 1.075. Would it be ok to use a small pickle jar as a yeast starter or do I need to use a bigger container?


Without checking, I’d say you’re looking at about a 2 L (shaken) starter. As long as it can be sanitized and hold that much with a little head space, you can use whatever you want.

Awesome, I will see if it holds enough the amount of water needed. If it does not, I will just use one of the growlers I have from Granite City. It seems people have mentioned using them for yeast starters.

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