Which starter kit?

Hello Brewers… I am going to order my starter kit this week and I was wondering should I go with the one with the bubblers or the one with the carboys. The price difference isn’t an issue and I heard sometimes the bubblers don’t seal well . I am excited to see what you guys have to say.

Thanks all !!!

I have glass carboys and like them. If I bought another fermenter, I would get a bucket. They’re lighter and won’t shatter if you drop one empty. Unless you’re doing a long secondary, sealing isn’t a big issue. I haven’t used the big mouth bubblers but they offer benefits of a bucket and a carboy. Easy to clean with a wash cloth and transparent. If you do go with glass remember, they’re glass. They will break if you drop, bump, or shock. Treat them as such and they should last for years.

You’re going to get pros and cons of any fermenter. (You could also go with SS.)

I have one glass carboy that I rarely use and three of the plastic big mouth bubblers that I use constantly along with three buckets. The buckets and plastic bubblers are easy to move and no worries on breaking them. Yes, the bubblers don’t always seal really well, but it’s not really a problem, especially if you use them for secondaries. If it’s not sealed well, you just will not see airlock movement, but I doubt anything is really going to get in there and harm the beer.

I have no good reason for liking my plastic big mouth over my buckets. But I still like it. I have a glass carboy that I never use. For me, easy to clean is the biggest criteria. Advantage big mouth and bucket. Second, I like to watch. Advantage plastic big mouth. A good seal is not a big worry for me, but I’ll say a bucket seals better. I’m nuts and still secondary, and I use an old school narrow mouth plastic 5 gallon bubbler for that, but hate cleaning it.

I ABSOLUTELY have to watch–so no buckets. I have a big mouth plastic fermentor, a small mouth plastic better bottle(both 6 gallon), and two glass carboys(5 and 6 gallon). I only use the glass if the plastics are busy, or if I’m brewing a sour or bulk aging. If I buy any more they will be big mouth plastics. Just too easy to handle and clean for me. The seal on the big mouth has not been a problem for me - a little keg lube or food grade lube of any kind helps.



Glass carboy with the the little neck would be my last choice. Anything plastic with a wide mouth that you can carelessly throw in a sink would be better. I personally use buckets because they are cheap like me. I have a lot of them and I don’t do secondaries so many times they are all full. Maybe get one clear one to watch if you like but really not much to see.

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I’ve got 1-6 gallon glass, 3-6 gallon plastic carboys. They are a PITA to clean. My glass one is over 10 years old, and I am waiting fer it to break! Then I will git a big mouth. I ferment in a chest freezer so watching the yeast at work isn’t something I do any more, but, listing for the blop of blow off tube is how I monitor when time to pull a sample. Sneezles61

Well I think the votes are in… Bubbler it is :). Going to place my order Thursday .

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