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Which Size Step Bit

Anyone have a favorite bit for drilling your brew kettle?

At Lowes right now so quick tips are appreciated.

7/8 inch. 13.50 on any step but that includes 7/8 works.

Probably too late, but what works best for me, and I’ve done about a half-dozen weldless kits in keggles, is to punch a 3/4" hole and then use a knurled bit to open the hole just enough to slip the fitting through, giving a tighter fit which then makes it easier to seal without cranking down on the silicon ring.

“Knurled” bit?

Elaborate, Brother.I don’t know what that is. :cheers:

1/16" increments is great, as I have found 13/16" to be a nicer number than 7/8" for the truly trouble free leak proof bulkhead.

Also, if you are ever likely to drill holes in stainless for beer shanks, then remember that you’ll need upwards of a 1" hole for that.

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Thanks guys. Found a combo pack

[quote=“Stealthcruiser”]“Knurled” bit?[/quote]They come in different shapes, cylinders and cones for instance, covered in little knobs and they’re designed to remove small amounts of material.

Carbide burr?

Ah yes!
I know the texture you speak of, for they use the same style for roughing up the inside of a tire when doing a patch repair. :cheers:

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