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Which malting companies base malts do you use?

I am currently using the following.

Crisp - Maris Otter
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt
Weyermann - Munich I
Rahr - Premium Pilsner
? - Vienna Malt

When I run out of the pils and vienna, I think I will be going with Weyermann bohemian pils and weyermann vienna malt to replace them. I have been really happy with weyermann malts. Glad a local brewery turned me onto them.

Possibly a thread more suited for the All Grain forum?


[quote=“Nighthawk”]Possibly a thread more suited for the All Grain forum?


Why do you have to hate on the partial mash guys? They like base malts too. :smiley:

There is a wealth of knowledge in the AG section that is applicable to the PM brewers. :wink:

I like Weyermann a little better than Best for pils, just a personal preference there. When Fawcett was out of MO I tried Bairds and Crisp and liked them both pretty well. Have some Munton’s MO right now along with Pearl and one other pale ale variety, haven’t brewed with them yet though. I really like Rahr 2-row, not so fond of their pale ale malt.

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