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Which Digital Temperature Controller for Deep freezer?

I have seen several Digital Temperature Controllers for the freezers.

I seen them for 70 bucks… A little to much money for my liking. I wouled think replacing the internal controller would be more cost effective plus less damging to the unit.

I was thinking if there is a how-to method of changing the contoller inside the freezer.

I saw Suntek Store selling them for 14-17 bucks.

Any advice will help. ... 1438.l2649

For ~$30 total parts your can set one of these up several different ways. Then when your freezer goes belly up in 6-7 years you move it to the new one.

Here you go, I have bought 2 from him and they show up lightning fast, brand new, and $30-40 cheaper than you can get just about anywhere else!

$47.50, no tax and free shipping- why bother to buy parts off ebay and try to monkey with your freezers internal parts, just so you can maybe save $17??? ... 1c13831b53

John, I’m not sure if your $17 savings is responding to my post?

It looks like the controller you linked to does not include outlets for the freezer/heater. So it is necessary to purchase wiring to get it to work. Same as the controller I linked to. The only difference is with mine you need to purchase about $3 worth of plastic housing from your favorite hardware store.

Also, does it have leads for 2 different plugs for cooling and heating? Or is there only one outlet and you switch the programming of the controller. The controller I linked to has 2 separate leads. So you have 2 separate outlets to run a heater or cooler. I have the connecter broken on a 2 outlet unit so that one is wired to cool and one to heat. All inclosed in a small package. Will see about posting pictures later today.

It was, but I didn’t even bother to check your link. That controller is genius! Its exactly the same as a johnson or ranco, minus the brand name and price. I would go that route if I had to do it again, no reason to not save the money, it usually means more beer stuff.

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