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Which Belgian yeast for SNPA

I really want to brew a snpa clone but I live in south ga and it’s gonna be hot for a while. About the best I’ve been able to do as far as ferm temps is around 80-85. Naturally i’d rather use the right yeast but I also don’t want to come up with off flavors and waste a batch. I thought i’d just use a yeast that could handle the higher temps. I’m ordering 36LB of LME, so i’ll do several batches (couple snpa clones and couple of saisons). The plan is to order a few diff yeast (3724,3711,3522) and try them throughout the summer, but if anybody has any suggestions i’d love to hear em.

Research swamp coolers and you will be able to ferment in the proper range for the yeast. Even with Belgian strains, pitching in the 80s (and fermenting as high as the 90s, beer temp), so going to produce some serious funk.

this. ^^^^. “swamp coolers” work very effectively here in texas which isn’t any cooler than south georgia. I’ve kept an english mild at 64 with wet t-shirt and ice jug for the past week.


Not only that, there’s no way you can make anythingr that tastes remotely like SNPA with a Belgian yeast.

Denny, I was kinda afraid someone would say that. I’m already using a swamp cooler but I was using a plastic tote. Yesterday a friend gave me an old cooler and obviously that certainly works better. Right now the fermometer says 72 with (2) 2 liter bottles, which is all that will fit and the cooler full of water and a towel on top w/ a fan. But, it’s not 99 outside right now either, so i’ll just have to see how low i can keep it. I actually have a pri and sec fermenting (the sec is in a small plastic tote) and i could freeze enough water for one but maybe not both. It takes a day or so for a 2liter to freeze completely and i only have space for so many. I’m already planning on buying a used ref when I find one as trying to fight mother nature is a losing proposition. Two questions: Are the NB 6.5 buckets lightproof - I could move it to a cooler room but it won’t be in the dark and I figure if I can see the wort level through the bucket, it’s not lightproof - maybe i’m wrong. Also I’ve read that temps are more crucial in the first week or so - hypothetically, if i kept temp at 70 for a week or until it slowed down and then kept it at 78 for three weeks would I still get off flavors. I’m not trying to make a big deal out of it, but the upper limit for W1056 is 72 and I’m not sure how far outside that range I can go before having problems. If nothing else I guess can make a saison. Thanks for the responses.

Buy a bigger rubbermade, like an 18-gallon, and use one-gallon milk bottles for ice - you should be able to fit at least four in with a fermenter. If that’s not an option, you can make your smaller ice bottles much more effective by cutting off the tops so the ice is exposed to the water (and they’ll re-freeze faster, too). And buckets are light-proof if made from HDPE.

Actually, my problem might be solved. My neighbors is going to sell me a small ref cheap and I’ll rig it for a fermenter. But I do appreciate the advice and suggestions. I was already looking for one, but I didn’t know it was next door. I love it when a plan comes together.

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